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Refuge Alerter - Wireless Disabled Refuge System

Refuge Alerter is a radio-based emergency voice communication system for disabled people, for use in the event of an emergency, located in a disabled refuge area.

Our innovative system allows two-way voice communication at all times through our advanced Refuge Outstations, our touch screen or push-button Master Stations and our handheld portable refuge communicators (PRC).

What is a disabled refuge?

A disabled refuge is a relatively safe temporary waiting area, located within a building to aid the evacuation of all people as safely as possible. The disabled refuge area allows building management and emergency services to assist all people out of a building in the event of an emergency. 

Refuge Alerter aids compliance with the Equality Act 2010, Health and Safety legislation and Building Regulations. Our unique radio-based product fully complies with BS5839 part 9 and has been specified in a range of locations, from new builds to listed and historic buildings.


Refuge Alerter Consists of:

Refuge Outstation

Our user friendly outstations are designed to be used by people with both physical and sensory disabilities. They are situated in all refuge areas, fixed to a wall at around 1m off the ground.

  • Easy to press ‘Push-Button’ will begin communication with the Master Station, with a visual indication of the call being answered (red light)
  • The front panel of the Outstation is photo luminescent, glowing in the dark in the event of a power cut.
  • There is braille identification and an induction loop in all Outstations.
  • A ringing tone sounds whilst the call is waiting
Disabled refuge outstations
Disabled refuge call point

Refuge Master Station (Touchscreen)

Any call from a refuge area will communicate back to the Touchscreen Master Station (or Push-Button Master Station), which is typically located in reception areas or Security Lodges. Our Touchscreen Master Station allows up to 999 refuge locations to be managed from one unit. The touchscreen interface allows easy management of all outstations and all Portable Refuge Communicators.

  • When a Refuge Outstation help button is pressed, the location will show on the Master Station.
  • The call can be answered from the Master Station, or using a portable hand-held radio.
  • The Master Station can be used to remotely listen to all Refuge Outstations in case of emergency.
  • Future Refuge locations can easily be added to the database, ideal for when expanding buildings/campuses.
Disabled refuge master station

Refuge Master Station (Push-Button)

Like the Touchscreen Master Station, any call from a refuge area will communicate back to the Push-Button Master Station (or Push-Button Master Station), which is typically located in reception areas or Security Lodges. The Push-Button Master Station provides a button and associated LED's for each refuge, communication status and fault conditions. Voice communication can be with an individual refuge, an instantly created group or for all refuges. The facility to remotely listen to an outstation is available even if the refuge has not been activated.

  • 19inch rack mount or wall cabinet.
  • Scalable up to 950 refuge locations.
  • Monitors Outstations and is self monitoring.
  • Fault output to fire alarm system/BMS.
  • Mains powered with battery backup.
Disable refuge master station

Portable Refuge Communicator (PRC)

Our portable handset allows communication with the Refuge Outstations and the Master Station, even from outside the building. This becomes very important if the location of the Master Station becomes compromised. The PRC allows two-way communication at all times to any Outstation.

  • Refuge names and numbers can be shown on the back lit screen of the portable handset, allowing communication at all times.
  • The portable handsets can talk to any Outstation and the Master Station.
  • The Portable Refuge Communicator allows continued communication with all Outstations, even when a member of staff is not present at the Master Station.
  • Good battery life (rechargeable).
  • Multi-channel to enable (UHF/VHF) estates/security radio channels to be used on the same radio (subject to compatibility).
Disabled refuge communication
Disabled refuge communication

Alternative Outstations

Our Outstation is also available in Red and Blue options.

Emergency Outstation (Red) has been used in various locations such as Laboratories.

The Help Point Outstation (Blue) is placed around buildings where people may need assistance, separate to needing assistance in disabled refuge areas, it is commonly installed in disabled toilets.

Emergency outstation
Help point outstation
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