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Assistive Listening Systems

As communication becomes harder, everyday activities such as work, shopping and interacting with friends and family can become increasingly difficult.

A decreased ability to be able to hear clearly can lead to a person becoming excluded from elements of the everyday world surrounding them. Imagine not being able to hear voices, music, traffic and other common background sounds which are often taken for granted - how would that make you feel?

There are many types of products and solutions that can provide a very real and genuine benefit in facilitating communication between everyone, no matter their hearing ability in all manner of possible scenarios. The most common are outlined below:

Induction Loops

Induction Loop

An induction loop, commonly referred to as a hearing or room loop, will wirelessly transmit audio by creating and emitting a magnetic field via an installed cable. This field can be picked up by a hearing aid user when their hearing aids are switched to the T-position. Useful in larger spaces where a hard of hearing person needs to focus on a particular sound source from a distance, over a period of time.


Infrared Transmitter

Infrared Assistive Listening

An infrared (IR) system, will wirelessly transmit audio using the IR spectrum. This transmission is picked up by an IR receiver, worn by the user, which in turn converts the signal back to audio that can be listened to via the users own hearing aid and/or personal headphones. Useful in larger spaces where a cabled induction loop system is not a practical solution or where strict confidentiality is a requirement.

Counter Loop

Counter Induction Loop

Correctly specified and installed counter loops systems, commonly referred to as local or desk loops, allow a member of staff to easily communicate with a hard of hearing member of the public during short exchanges. Extremely useful where there is a lot of background noise which could make conversation between parties difficult.


Other solutions are available such as - Portable Induction Loops, Personal Listeners, Voice Amplifiers, Wireless TV listeners and more.

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