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Our History

Alerter Group plc is a multi million pound, profitable, stable and expanding company with thousands of customers across the UK and Ireland.

Historically specialising in providing communication and alarm systems for Deaf and hard of hearing people, more recently our product portfolio has been expanded to provide emergency refuge communication systems for people with other disabilities as well as support personnel such as fire wardens.

Deaf Alerter is a product that was initially developed by Evets Communications Limited, a sister company in the ECL group formed in 1980, which continues to provide radio and data communications for the radio communication and broadcast industries. The company hence has a long history and significant experience in radio technology. The Deaf Alerter product is now exclusively available from Alerter Group plc and its authorised partners.


Deaf Alerter was initially developed for a school for Deaf children. The initial product was effectively just a radio paging system, using vibrating pagers.


The Deaf Alerter Radio Transmitter was significantly enhanced from a standard radio-paging transmitter to include features normally expected from a building fire alarm.


The Deaf Alerter Night Cradle™ was introduced to provide fire alarm warning for people sleeping in their bed. This was primarily developed for hotels and university halls of residence.


National Roaming launched – any Alerter would operate in any building equipped with a Deaf Alerter transmitter. The Deaf Alerter sign was introduced.


Deaf Alerter system extended to provide personal and public address pre-defined messaging.


Deaf Alerter Message Manager software launched. Messages can be generated on a PC for public address announcements or messages for individuals / groups of people.


New version of the Alerter launched with a newer modern styled case and utilising the latest software.


  • New version of the Night Cradle launched which incorporated a high-intensity strobe.

  • The Deaf Alerter product had become so successful that it was decided that its future growth would be best served by having a separate company focussed on the Deaf Alerter product with dedicated staff. Thus Deaf Alerter plc was born. (Evets Communications Limited continues to operate in its other business activities of radio and data communication


  • Deaf Alerter DA1000 transmitter was launched. Incorporates system monitoring and fault detection in a custom enclosure to improve ease and quality of installation.

  • Deaf Alerter plc granted ISO 9001:2000 status. This demonstrates our commitment to quality to all aspects of the design, installation and support of Deaf Alerter systems.


Wireless Whistle developed for English Deaf football team, enabling team players to feel the whistle through a vibrating sweat band.


The Deaf Alerter DA2000 transmitter was released to be fully compliant with the significantly updated British and European Fire alarm standards - BS5839-1& EN54. It provided an enhanced battery backup, monitoring and interfacing capabilities to external systems.


VHF Radio Link transceivers launched. Provide fully monitored radio communication between disparate fire alarm systems as well as allowing separate fire alarm systems to be radio linked to Deaf Alerter transmitters.


  • Opened the Derby Operations Centre on Pride Park in Derby. This is a base for all engineering activities including online support to customers.
  • Ethernet module released for the DA2000. This enables the transmitters to distribute fault messages by email to a PC either locally on the LAN or remotely via the internet.

  • Network Message Manager Launched. New version of the software created to make full use of the new Ethernet module. This allows multiple computers on a network to send messages from Deaf Alerter Transmitters.


New version of the Alerter is released. Larger battery, improved screen and meets the new RoHS manufacturing laws. It is available with red detailing on the national roaming version and blue on the site specific version.


  • Launched the Refuge Alerter RA1000 - our radio based refuge communication system.
  • Deaf Alerter plc awarded certification to the Contractor Health and Safety assessment scheme (CHAS). This accreditation shows that Deaf Alerter plc meets stringent Health and Safety compliance standards.


New custom designed polycarbonate case for the Refuge Alerter outstation launched – the custom enclosure provided improved aesthetics, build quality and ease of fitting


New version of Glass fronted Refuge Alerter Master Station launched (which can also be flush mounted)


  • Launched our PC Master station (PCMS) Software – designed for security control rooms for large refuge installations
  • Blue help point version of RA1000 outstation created


  • Red Emergency call point version of the RA1000 outstation created
  • Winners of Business Innovation at the Family Business awards 2012
  • Bespoke Stainless Steel version of outstation designed with English Heritage for a listed building at University of Sheffield


  • Winners of Best Family Business at the Family Business Awards 2013
  • Highly commended in the Manufacturing Innovation award at the Made in the Midlands Awards
  • Winners of Excellence in Innovation Award at Derbyshire's BEST Business Awards 2013


  • The Deaf Alerter DA3000 launched – improved connectivity, fault logging, LCD and reduction in the number of circuit boards.
  • Bespoke oak and brass outstation designed with English Heritage for Oxford Town Hall
  • Highly Commended at the Newcastle University Contractor Awards


  • Our 'Let's Loop Derby' campaign was officially launched, helping with and providing assistive listening systems.
  • Company-wide SAP Business One system integration begins


  • Deaf Alerter plc becomes Alerter Group plc - Due to continued growth within the business, the decision has been made to change the company name to a title that helps bring our expanding product portfolio under one brand.